About US



In the summer of 2007, some local Montauk friends sat around discussing the fate of their town, what it had become & where it was going.  There was a new crowd of visitors, and they loved our local vibe.  How could we give them a little of ourselves & bring recognition to local talent at the same time?

Under the Radar was born.  The name spells it all out.  Montauk had always flown under the radar before it was officially "discovered" somewhere around the time Lakeside turned into Surf Lodge.  Those of us who had always known and appreciated the real Montauk loved it, and the localism ran deep.

 Our generation grew up literally under the now famous radar tower, because our friends' parents bought houses in the early 80's out at Camp Hero & we would sneak into the decommissioned military base to play and get into trouble.


Our fathers, brothers & friends surfed under the radar tower's shadow, out at Montauk Point and gained skill over repeated frosty winters filled with big swells.  We grew up surrounded by world class artists, photographers & musicians.  They weren't hidden away in tightly guarded mansions or behind iron gates.  They were friends with our parents, we saw them around town, we got to know them as people. They inspired us to create ourselves.  Not surprisingly, quite a lot of raw artistic talent has sprouted from this land.  And magically, for years, no one noticed. 

Nowadays, it seems the entire world has noticed, and part of keeping the magic of Montauk is developing an authentic brand that the new clientele appreciate.  Montauk's style has always been about relaxed comfort, with a hint of what's brand new and cool. Under the Radar East, Inc. is our way of sharing that style with you.